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Our three-year run culiminated at 2017's Pigtown Fling, and we've all since moved to different states. Here are some videos from that dance. Thanks to John Newsome for editing and posting them.
Here are some older tracks. Use the play button to listen, or click one of the following links:
From the Dayton contra dance, February 2017, with Frank Buschelmann calling:
  1. Dédale des Farfadets (Hemmendinger)—Grouch Bag (Hemmendinger)—Dunmore Lasses
  2. Reel Levi (Ellsworth-Heller)—Lady Anne Montgomery

  3. From the Cincinnati contra dance, August 2015, with Alex Deis-Lauby calling:
  4. The Martian Reel (Ellsworth-Heller)—Frank's Reel
  5. Coleman's March—The Wedding Reel
  6. Out on the Ocean—Flying Home to Shelley—The Bus Stop

    From the Indianapolis contra dance, June 2015, with Ryan Smith calling:
  7. Far Away (waltz)

    From the Cincinnati contra dance, April 2015, with Frank Buschelmann calling:
  8. Spootiskerry—Flying Tent—Tamlin   (Video below)
  9. A Nakht in Gan Eydn—Shaknay's Freylekhs

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