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From the Dayton contra dance, February 2017, with Frank Buschelmann calling:
  1. Dédale des Farfadets (Hemmendinger)—Grouch Bag (Hemmendinger)—Dunmore Lasses
  2. Reel Levi (Ellsworth-Heller)—Lady Anne Montgomery

  3. From the Cincinnati contra dance, August 2015, with Alex Deis-Lauby calling:
  4. The Martian Reel (Ellsworth-Heller)—Frank's Reel
  5. Coleman's March—The Wedding Reel
  6. Out on the Ocean—Flying Home to Shelley—The Bus Stop

    From the Indianapolis contra dance, June 2015, with Ryan Smith calling:
  7. Far Away (waltz)

    From the Cincinnati contra dance, April 2015, with Frank Buschelmann calling:
  8. Spootiskerry—Flying Tent—Tamlin   (Video below)
  9. A Nakht in Gan Eydn—Shaknay's Freylekhs

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